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Topp Pro TPM8250 MKII
Model : TPM8250 MKII
Series : TPM
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Power Amplifier Section
• Output power: 300W RMS at 1kHz,THD=1%,Load=4Ohm
• Frequency Response: 20Hz to 22kHz,+/-3dB


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Model TPM8250 MKII
Input Channels Microphone input Electronically Balanced, Discrete Input
Frequency Response 20Hz to 22kHz, +/-3dB
Gain 50dB
Line Input Electronically balanced
Frequency Response 20Hz to 22kHz,+/-3dB
Gain 20dB
Impedance Microphone Input 1.5kOhm
All other input 10kOhm or greater
Tape Out 1kOhm
All other output 120Ohm
Equalization Hi shelving +/-15dB@12kHz
Mid shelving +/-12dB@2.5kHz
Low shelving +/-15dB@80Hz
Graphic EQ 7-band, 4/3 octave
DSP section A/D and D/A converters 24 bits
DSP resolution 24 bits
Type of effects Vocal, Small Room, Large Room, Echo, Echo + Verb, Flanger+Verb, Plate, Chorus +GTR, Rotary+GTR, Tremolo + GTR
Presets 100
Controls 100-position PRESET or, CLIP LED,MUTE SWITCH with LED indicator
Main Mix Section Noise (Bus noise) Fader 0dB, channels muted:-85dBr(refL+4dBu)
Fader 0dB,all input channels assigned and set
to UNITY gain:-81dBr(ref:+4dBu)
Monitor Max Out +22 dBu unbalanced, 1/4''jack
FX sends max out +22 dBu unbalanced, 1/4''jack
THD THD<0.5% at 1 watt output power; THD<1%watt output power
S/N SNR(signal to noise ratio)set output line to 1kHz >65dB
Static Power Consumption No Output power state at 230V <50W
Power Amplifier Section Output power 300W RMS at 1kHz,THD=1%,Load=4Ohm
Frequency Response 20Hz to 22kHz,+/-3dB
Power Source 220V-240V/110V-127V~50/60Hz
Physical Dimensions 576*311*348mm
Net Weight 12.85Kg
MP3 section (optional) USB HOST Builds in the USB FULL speed(12Mbps)HOSTcontrol function
Supports the USB mass storage class
FATanalysis Supports FAT16 and FAT32
Supports VFAT(long file name)
Supports multi-partition up to1
MP3 DECODE Supports sample rates 8KHz,16KHz,32KHz,11.025KHz,22.05KHz, 44.1KHz,12KHz,24KHz and 48KHz.
Supports bit rate 8 to 320 kbps and VBR(Variable Bit Rate) except free format
Electric Specification Frequency response 20Hz~20KHZ
S/N Ratio > 90 dB
Distortion(at 1 KHz) < 0.04%
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